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We at Black Web Spider have been in this web design industry for over 10+ years. In that time we have gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge. We crafted this FAQ web page to answer all frequently asked questions by our clients…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website?
This completely depends on what you need. While some websites may require months to design and construct, others may only require a few weeks. Every company has specific needs, and every client has different goals. Since it’s difficult for us to guess, we usually don’t. We will be able to comprehend your requirements through discussions, planning, and discussion before we can quote a job.
How much does a website cost?

Our rates vary depending on your requirements. Contact us today for free quote.

Are there any other costs for my website?

There are domain and hosting fees. If you can’t provide the images yourself, there can also be a fee for those. However, we constantly try to use premium stock image websites wherever feasible. Other than that, we always make any extra charges very clear up front so you know exactly where you stand.

How many pages do I get with my website?
We can work on it based on your specifications. We would recommend creating a website with a few pages because it will aid in future SEO optimisation and adding more material to single page websites is difficult.
What size companies do you produce web designs for?

We enjoy working with people and businesses of all shapes and sizes, and we apply the same expertise we use to support our high-profile and well-known customers to our work with smaller clients. We are just as eager to collaborate with small firms as we are with big ones.

Can I choose the images and icons that will be used on website?
Yes. We use stock images and icons when designing your website. Once you begin reviewing the designs, you can give us the images and icons you would like to use.
Will you design my logo?
Yes. But this service does not include designing your logo. We can give you advice and make recommendations. Contact us.
Do you redesign existing websites?

We certainly can do! It’s important to approach website redesigns sensitively to make sure your reasons for redesigning are valid. This will ensure the project is an overall success from your ROI point of view.

I already have design ideas for my website, how will you be able to implement this?

One of our designers will work with you to understand your ideas and advise you. It would greatly help us if you have references ready for when we speak.

Do you work internationally?

Of course! Working with businesses anywhere in the globe is now simple enough thanks to the development of online conference platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and of course Skype, to mention a few.

Will you make the design look good on all devices and browsers?

Yes. The website will be made responsive. This means it will look good and work across known desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.

Will my website look good on a mobile?

Yes. Your website will be made responsive. So it will look good on all mobiles.

Do you offer ongoing help with our new site once it's launched?

If you need our help with web support and maintenance, we’ll be here for you. If not, we will leave you to it. If you change your mind and need us after all, we’ll still be here for you!

Can I add more features after the website is completed and been live for a little while?

Yes. Talk to an expert about what you would like and we will advise you. Remember your website is scalable and new features can be added specifically.

Can I change the design after the website has been completed?

Once the website is completed, you have a the ability to easily change design elements through the websites management console.

Will I be able to manage all the content on the website?

Yes. Your website will have a secure management console which allows you to login and manage the complete website, add unlimited content, make design changes, view all the statistics and even undertake marketing.

Will my website be secure?

Yes. Since your website is not built on an open source platform and totally written by us, we know all the code. In addition, we use the latest encryption methods and the latest server technology to keep your website secure and operational.

Who owns the website?

You will retain all Intellectual Property Rights owned or licensed by you which are provided to us as part of the website content and website design.

I don’t have a domain name, will you register one for me?

We believe the domain name should be registered legally in your name. You can register the domain name at one of many registrars.